Aquavit database

There is quite a lot of Aquavit on the Scandinavian market. Sweden, Norway and Denmark, produce Aquavit, almost like Scotland produce Whisky. There are small Aquavit producers, like restaurant chefs and other micro distilleries, that are producing Aquavit thats  only  available  by special order or at a local liquor store.  Some Aquavits are only realeased for holidays like Christmas, and Mid Summer. I know I have not covered more than “the top of the iceberg” when it comes to the amount of different Aquavits.  But I know I have covered those Aquavits that represent 98+% of the sales.
Most popular in Sweden, are  Skåne Akvavit and OP Anderson Aquavit.  In Norway Linie Aquavit and Loitens Aquavit, are dominating. In Denmark Aalborgs Aquavit is the top one. Of course each of these makers, have a various number of different Aquavits.

Faroe Islands produces two Aquavits, Livsins Vatn Akvavitt and Havid Akvavitt

In Canada, from Okanagan BC, there is only one Aquavit found, Aquavitus.

United States have a strongly increased interest in Aquavit, especially in areas with strong Scandinavian heritage, like Washington , Oregon, Minnesota and Wisconsin, Chicago IL and New York NY.
All makers are younger than 5-10 years.
North Shore, Krogstad, Sound Spirits and Old Ballard Liquor Company,  are all well established Aquavit distilleries.

Germany have “a ton” of Aquavit products, but I have never tasted any of them, so that is a grey area for me., and none of them is yet in my database.

I know there is one maker in Australia, that I havent listed yet.
My database is a simple spread sheet, located on my Google Drive, which is up in the cloud. No login should be required to visit, and there is also the option to leave comments direct in any cell of the spread sheet.

I have tried to organize the database so you can see what spices or herbs are used in each product. Also the color of the Aquavit, clr=clear, lht=light color, drk=dark color.

I have also made comments about spices, aging etc for many of the Aquavits. Just hover the cursor over a comment and it will show.

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